So what is Black Lives Matter?


You have probably heard about Black Lives Matter in the news, during 2020 it became global news but it actually started before this.


The start of Black Lives Matter being widely used as a statement is usually dated to 2013, this was after the death of a young black man named Trayvon Martin who was killed in a shooting in Florida.


What does it mean?


The statement Black Lives Matter has become an important way for people to show their support for members of the black community who have experienced discrimination simply because of the colour of their skin.


It is closely tied to incidents involving the killing of black people by members of law enforcement (Police) in the USA and grew into a global movement after the death of a man named George Floyd who was killed by a policeman who knelt on his neck during an arrest for over 8 minutes. This happened in May 2020.


What doesn’t it mean?


Black Lives Matter does not mean that other lives do not matter. It is a statement which calls for equal treatment of black people.


Sometimes some people seem to think that the statement is actually saying ‘Only Black Lives Matter’, this is not true and the movement is only seeking equal treatment for black people who have been unfairly treated historically all over the world.


The movement does not just reflect recent events related to police brutality experienced by black people but racism in society that often means black people have worse outcomes and opportunities than other races.


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