Cooking Equipment

This section of the website is focused on what to buy to start your kitchen off and prepare for cooking.

  • Pots and Pans

  • Cooking Utensils

  • Additional Bits


Get started below.

Spending your money on things like pots and pans can seem like a very boring idea! You probably have lots of things you would rather spend your money on!


However, it is important to have certain things in your cupboard that will make life much easier and save you a lot of time when it comes to cooking and eating.


Everything that is listed below can be purchased in any big supermarket, however if you want to shop around and save money, shops like Wilko will also have a lot of the equipment below available.


Pots, Pans, Knives and Utensils


First things first, you only need the basics to get started. If you find that you really enjoy cooking then your collection of pots and pans might be something you add to as and when you want to. For now, we will focus on the basics and what is needed to get started.


Saucepans x3 - You will need 3 saucepans of different sizes. Shops like Tesco, Sainsbury's and Wilko have multipacks of saucepans available, these usually give you a small, medium, and large saucepan, which is exactly what you need to get started.


Frying Pan x1 - A frying pan is an absolute must-have and it will probably end up being the item you use the most to cook with. Frying pans vary in price but a good way to work out how long it will last is to feel the weight of it. The heavier the pan, the quicker your food will cook and the longer the pan will last. Frying pans also vary in size, getting a bigger pan allows you to cook more food at the same time – this can be useful for batch cooking.


Crockery & Cutlery - It’s no fun cooking a nice meal and then finding out that you have nothing to eat it off or eat it with. A set of knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons won’t break the bank. You will also need a set of plates and bowls. Like your cutlery, these will often come in multipacks and you can get everything you need in one pack.


Chopping Boards x2 - Whilst a chopping board might not seem like a necessity, from a hygiene point of view it is really important. Chopping boards are easily wiped down and kept clean and using them to prepare food for cooking means that the food you eat is safer. It is a good idea to have 2 chopping boards, one that you use for meat and fish, another that you use for fruit and vegetables, this helps to make sure that anything that is cooked does not come into contact with something that is uncooked as this increases your chances of food poisoning.

Kitchen Knives - Kitchen knives can vary widely in price, do not be fooled into thinking that you need loads of different knives. You can get away with having only 2 knives, one with a serrated edge (jagged) and one with a straight edge. You will find things like bread and meat much easier to cut through using a knife with a serrated edge, whereas things like fruit and vegetables you will find it easier to use a knife with a straight edge.


Cooking Utensils - There are some items that will help you to prepare and cook food, these can be purchased at very low cost from any supermarket. You will need:

1 masher; used to mash potatoes or vegetables
1 fish slice; used to turn meat or fish cooking in your frying pan
1 whisk; the bigger the whisk, the quicker it will work. It can be used to whip cream, stir sauces or help things dissolve
1 big spoon; used to transfer food from your pan to your plate
1 wooden spoon; used to cook with and stir your food
1 sieve; used to drain foods of the water you are cooking them in (for example, pasta)
1 spatula; used to mix and stir things, but it is also a really good way to make washing up easier as a spatula helps to clean your pan from food stuck to it as you go along


Additional Bits and Bobs

It can be a good idea to buy freezer bags to store food in securely and hygienically. These can be individual portion sizes and can be frozen for a later date.

You will also need cling film and aluminium foil to help keep food fresh once the packaging has been opened.

A good way to budget for all of this can be to add all of the items above to an online basket during an online shop and you can see how much things will cost and where you can get them for less.


A 1- 2 litre plastic food container.  This can be used to store leftover food in the fridge for the next day or you can use it to take food in for a packed lunch.