Buying Cleaning and Hygiene products

This section of the website is focused on buying cleaning and hygiene products. It covers what you need to buy for:

  • Home Hygiene

  • Personal Hygiene

​Get started below.

If you are moving into somewhere new, the first hygiene shop you ever do will be the biggest hygiene shop you ever do – but that doesn’t have to mean it’ll be the most expensive.

It is useful to think about your first big hygiene shop as two separate shopping trips, that way you can make sure you remember everything that you need.

The information below is a helpful guide to doing your hygiene shop. Whilst we have split it into two separate shopping trips, this doesn’t mean you have to visit the supermarket twice. You can buy everything you need in one visit, we would just recommend that you put everything on the first list in your trolley before moving onto the second list. You can then top up with items as they run out.

List #1

It may feel like you are spending a lot of money on cleaning items and things you don’t really want but these things should last a long time and you don’t always have to buy labelled products.  Often supermarket cleaning products work just as well.  All major supermarkets sell cleaning products and also shops like Wilko or Poundland.

The list below is a guide to the essentials – it’s up to you how much or how little of each item you buy. 


Cleaning materials

Washing up liquid - for washing up after cooking and eating.

Bleach - useful to keep the toilet clean.  Remember it stains if you get any on your clothes.

Antibacterial Spray - useful to clean worktops, cooker hob and the table where you eat.

Any anti-calcium bathroom cleaner - you can use an antibacterial spray to clean the bathroom but if you live in a hard water area you will get a build-up of calcium in the bath/shower and washbasin.

Window cleaner - good for cleaning mirrors and also the inside of windows.

Floor cleaner - used when mopping floors - it should get rid of bacteria.

Dishwashing/bathroom sponges - It is easiest to clean plates and cutlery with this and also good for cleaning the bath.


Cloths - you will need these for generally wiping surfaces such as work surfaces in the kitchen. You can also use these to do the dusting.

Dustpan and brush - the easiest way to clean up dried spillages on the hard floors.

Hoover and hoover bags - if you have carpet you will need a hoover.  It can also be used on hard surfaces for example if you have laminate flooring.  It will only work on dry things.  Don’t try and hoover up water!

Mop and bucket - you will need this to clean the floors in the kitchen and possibly the bathroom.  You can kneel down and clean the floor with a cloth but it is much easier with a mop and bucket.

Kitchen towel - this is useful for general spillages and for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Toilet Brush - this should be kept near the toilet together with toilet cleaner or bleach and use it whenever the toilet is dirty.


Clothes washing materials


Washing powder/liquid - this is for the washing machine. 

Clothes airer - if you have your own washing machine you will need to dry your clothes.  You can use this to hang up the clothes.  You can also get racks that hang over the radiators.  If you go to the laundrette to clean your clothes, bed linen and towels you will probably use their dryers.  However, a rack is useful if you wash anything by hand.


Other non-essential items that you might want to think about buying include…

Fabric Conditioner - this makes clothes softer when they are being washed in the washing machine.

Stain remover - this can be useful to spray on stains that don’t come out in the normal washing.

Broom with long handle - this just makes sweeping up easier.

Oven cleaner - Once you have used your oven for a while it will get dirty.  This can help get off the burnt in dirt on the oven.


List #2


List #2 is to buy things for personal hygiene.  Most of these items you will have been using for a while.

This list is totally about your preference, please use it as a guide.

  • ​Toothbrush

  • Tooth Paste

  • Floss

  • Shower/bath gel

  • Shampoo

  • Hair Conditioner

  • Deodorant

  • Hand washing soap

  • Antibacterial hand gel

  • Face masks

  • Feminine hygiene products (sanitary towels/tampons)

  • Toilet Paper