Housing Advice

Here you can find information on the different housing options which may be available to you. It covers: 

  • Different types of housing

  • Information on what to expect in each

Get started below.

Local Housing Authority


Local Housing Authorities have a duty to give help and advice to prevent homelessness and to people who are homeless.


As a Care Leaver, you are considered a ‘priority need’ under the law, but other things need to be looked at too, such as are you homeless because of something that you have or haven’t done.


The District/Borough Council may also check that you have a local connection to the area you are making an application in - while they investigate your situation you may be placed in temporary accommodation.


Citizens Advice


They can give you advice about housing matters including homelessness, problems with your tenancy, claiming benefits to pay for your accommodation. Visit the citizen's advice website to find out how to get support from them. 




Shelter is a charity that provides housing advice including, homelessness, problems with your tenancy, evictions and repairs. Visit the shelter website for more information. 


University Accommodation Office


If you are going to university you will need somewhere to live.  Most universities have an accommodation office, which will help you find somewhere to live.  You will need to find the details on the university’s website.


Personal Adviser


You will be allocated a Personal Adviser by Essex Council and they will provide you with advice on housing.