Drugs and Alcohol

Here you can find advice if you are struggling with drugs or alcohol. The page will:

  • Give advice if you think you're struggling with drug and/or alcohol use

  • Where you can get help and advice

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Using drugs and alcohol can cause some people problems. If you ever feel that drugs or alcohol are causing you issues you should seek help straight away.


Some of the warning signs that might tell us that our use of drugs and alcohol may be causing us problems include:


  • Recognising that your level of use has gone up

  • Feeling like you have to use a drug or drink alcohol

  • Feeling like you need a drug or alcohol to cope or feel normal

  • Starting to think about taking them all the time

  • Other people mentioning your use of them

  • Struggling to complete things you need to do, like attending work or looking after your home


And sometimes you may just feel that something is not right and it is causing you harm.


What’s important is that if you recognise you need help or just want to talk to someone you do this.


Getting help


If you’re worried at all about your drug or alcohol use, it can help to talk to someone you trust about it. 


That could be a professional who supports you, a friend or a family member. If you’d rather not talk face-to-face or that isn’t possible, there are helplines that can give advice if you are worried about your drug and alcohol use.


You can also find lots of reliable information online about drug use and places to find support.


One of the main sources of online information related to drugs and is the FRANK website. This has information on all types of drugs and links to help, which is available local to you.


You can also visit should your GP if you are worried about the impact your drug and alcohol use is having on your life.


If you haven’t got a GP visit our guide to registering with one.


Speaking to your GP might feel difficult, but they will have spoken to many other people going through something similar, they won’t judge - they just want to help.


If you really don’t want to tell anyone what you’re using and how often, you could focus on letting them know the effect your drug or alcohol use is having on your life and the problems it is causing you.


You might find it helpful to write your thoughts down before you go to your GP to help you feel more confident.


Where can you get help


In Essex, there are several organisations who can help you. Find out who can help you where you live.


There are also some national organisations that can help you.


FRANK – They have a helpline, you can call them on 0300 123 6600. They also have an online chat function.


RELEASE – Can provide you with confidential information related to drugs and alcohol and information on the law related to drugs. You can call their helpline on 020 7324 2989.


IF YOU THINK YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH DRUGS AND/OR ALCOHOL SEEK HELP – If you recognise that your use is becoming a problem it is really important that you ask for help.
THERE IS HELP – Help is available that can support you if you are struggling with drug and/or alcohol use.