Employment Rights

Here you can find key information related to your employment rights. This covers issues such as if you are having problems at your job, have lost your job or have a disagreement with your employer.

Workers are entitled to certain employment rights, including:

Getting the National Minimum Wage – You can learn more about the minimum wage below
Protection against unlawful deductions from wages – Basically your boss can't just take money from your wages unless you have agreed to this.
The statutory minimum level of paid holiday - This is currently 28 days per year if you are full time, it will be less if you work part time
The statutory minimum length of rest breaks – You are entitled to one 20 min rest break if you work more than 6 hours in a day, if you are under 18 you get 30 mins if you work more than 4.5 hours.
To not work more than 48 hours on average per week or to opt out of this right if you choose – You can’t be forced to work more than 48 hours by your employer.
Protection against unlawful discrimination – This means being treated unfairly because of things like race, gender or disability
Protection for ‘whistleblowing’ - This means if you report something that you think is wrong that you see at work, you should be protected and shouldn’t lose your job because of it
To not be treated less favourably if they work part-time – You should be treated the same as any employee regardless of how many hours you work.

The National Minimum Wage


Everyone in the UK is entitled to the minimum wage. There are a few reasons why you might not be entitled to it like if you are on a Job Centre Work Trial or if you are under 16. In almost all cases YOU SHOULD NOT BE PAID ANY LESS THAN THIS IF YOU HAVE A JOB, if you are your employer is breaking the law. 

The current rates for the minimum wage are in the table below. 



Employment – What if you have a problem?


If you have a problem with your employer it's really important that you act in the right way. On this page you will find some key information related to what you should do if you have a problem with your employer.

If you are having an issue with your employer for any reason the most important thing is to RECORD AND EVIDENCE the issue you are experiencing. Below are some key points you need to be aware of:


  • Put everything in writing, you should raise any issues with your employer in writing so there is a record. Email is fine and this will also give a date and time to when the issue was raised.

  • If your employer tries to respond in person without responding to your written request makes sure you get them to put this in writing also.

  • If you are dealing with an ongoing issue like bullying in the workplace then make sure you keep a record of every incident, this can be in the form of a diary or similar.

Having evidence is crucial as it makes proving the issue much easier and will show if your employer has followed their own internal policies and procedures and employment law. This can make things much easier if the issue can't be dealt with in your place of employment and needs to go further.


What if the issue can't be dealt with and I need to take it further?


You should always raise any issues with your employer first and always keep a written record, most issues can be dealt with in this way. However sometimes this may not be possible if the issue is with your employer themselves (as in your manager or owner of the company and you can't speak to anyone else) or they haven’t taken the issue seriously. If this is the case you have options on what you can do next.


Citizens Advice – As with many of the topics listed in these resources Citizens Advice can provide advice and guidance to you in relation to your employment rights and any issues you may have. Most towns have a Citizens Advice and you can visit in person or give them a call, full details on Citizens Advice and how you can contact their national helpline can be found here.


ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) – This is the national service which can provide advice to you if you have an issue with your employment, they can give you lots of advice if you have a problem at work.


They have a huge amount of advice and guidance on their website and a helpline which you can use to get advice, the helpline number is 0300 123 1100



YOU HAVE RIGHTS AT WORK – You have rights and must be treated fairly at work. There are things your employer can't just do and you are protected by Law. 

IF YOU EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS AT WORK MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A RECORD OF THE ISSUES – Having evidence of what has happened is really important, you will need this if you have to take action against your employer. 

THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE – You can get advice on problems at work, just use the links above or below. 

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