This section of the website is focused on equality in all its forms, this means everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives. It also contains information related to the Black Lives Matter movement.


In this section:


  • What equality is and what this means

  • Black Lives Matter – how it started, what it is and what it means (there is a link at the end of this page)


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In the UK we are all protected by something called the Equality Act. This means you can’t be unfairly treated. 

So what is the Equality Act?

The Equality Act is a law. which protects you from discrimination, you can think of discrimination as being unfairly treated because of who you are.

What this means is that in almost all cases it's against the law to discriminate against people for certain things.

The Equality Act applies to discrimination based on:


  • Age

  • Race

  • Sex

  • Gender reassignment

  • Disability

  • Religion or belief

  • Sexual orientation

  • Marriage or civil partnership

  • Pregnancy and maternity

What might this mean in the real world?

It means that you are protected from discrimination in certain areas of life.

The Equality Act 2010 protects you from discrimination by:

  • Employers

  • Businesses and organisations which provide goods or services like banks, shops and utility companies

  • Health and care providers like hospitals and care homes

  • Someone you rent or buy a property from like housing associations and estate agents

  • Schools, colleges and other education providers

  • Transport services like buses, trains and taxis

  • Public bodies like government departments and local authorities

So why is equality important?


Having a law related to equality is important for everybody and it tries to make sure people are treated fairly regardless of who they are.

Nobody wants to be, and shouldn’t, be treated differently because of who they are.


At a personal level, equality is important because if we are treated differently to others it can harm our chances, opportunities and have a negative effect on our lives.


At a bigger level, it can be bad for a whole country, if people are not treated fairly and are prevented from reaching their potential it can lead to worse outcomes for everyone.


What to do if you have been treated unfairly and experienced discrimination?


If you feel you have been unfairly treated and experienced discrimination what can you do?


There are a few options and you should always seek advice.


The best place to go for help and advice if you have experienced discrimination is the Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS). You can contact them using the methods below:


Website: http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com/app/home

Telephone: 0808 800 0082


THERE ARE LAWS IN THE UK, WHICH PROTECT YOU FROM DISCRIMINATION – The Equality Act means it is against the law to discriminated against anyone in the UK because of who they are.

YOU SHOULD NOT EXPERIENCE DISCRIMINATION BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE You should never experience discrimination in the UK due to who you are and you can take action if you do experience this.

YOU CAN GET HELP AND ADVICE IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED DISCRIMINATION – There is help and advice available in the UK, just click the link below to be taken to the Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS) website, they can give you help and advice.