Get Job Help and Advice

Here is a list of people who can help you with finding a job, remember none of these people will judge or criticise the situation you find yourself in, they will just offer help and advice.


ADULTS WHO WORK WITH YOU – If you have an adult supporting you like a social worker or support worker it can be a good idea to speak to them in the first instance, they can give you help and advice and help you make contact with other people who may be able to help.


NATIONAL CAREERS SERVICE – This organisation works across the country and can provide you with lots of advice on getting a job.

Click here to be taken directly to their relevant website.


JOB HELP – This is another UK wide organisation they are there to provide advice on all aspects getting a job. 

Click here to access their website.


WHAT'S YOUR THING? - This is an Essex site focused on careers, they have a specific guide for young people.

Click here to access their website.