Parenting – Help and Advice


Becoming a parent is probably one of the most exciting and special things that people will experience in their lives. While this is true that doesn’t mean that being a parent is easy or everything will come naturally. Remember EVERYONE finds becoming a parent difficult.

Parenting – Becoming a parent

Becoming a parent for the first time is going to be an amazing and life-changing experience, things will certainly never be the same again!


But it's not going to be easy, here are some useful bits of advice and some facts that can help you understand what to expect when a child comes along.


1. You are going to be very tired

Becoming a parent is tiring, in fact, it's very tiring. You should try and sleep when you can as the days of sleeping all night long are going to be gone for a while.

2. Take help


Everyone needs help when they become a parent if you are offered help from friends, family or professionals - take it. Even little things like watching your baby while you have a bath for 15 mins can really help.


Remember it's ok to accept help, it doesn’t mean you are not coping or doing a good job.


3. Take advice but don’t feel you always have to follow it


You will probably find that lots of people are happy to offer you advice when you become a parent, this is natural and usually people are just trying to help.


But be prepared to not always follow every bit of advice you are given, as it's important to find what works for you.


4. There is no right or wrong way to be a parent


Finding what works for you and your baby is really important. As long as your baby's needs are met and they are safe and healthy there is no right or wrong way to be a parent.


Finding what works for you is what's important.

5. Try and make time for you if you can


Still being ‘you’ is really important when you become a parent. If you have a partner make sure you share the childcare duties so both of you can still do the things you did and enjoyed before.


If you are on your own remember point number 2 and accept help from friends, family and professionals if you can.


Support is available to help you as a parent. There are local organisations and those that work across the country. Below you can find some links to organisations that can help you. 

Ministry of Parenting - This is an Essex based organisation who offer a range of parenting support programmes and advice. The link will take you to their website. 


Parenting Together Support Programme - This is an Essex based programme, which provides support to parents and aims to support parenting skills. The link will take you to the page to make an enquiry to attend the programme. 

Family Lives - Is a national organisation, their website contains a huge amount of information and advice for parents. Click the link to visit their website. 

Gingerbread - Is a national charity, which provides advice and practical support for single parents, including advice on benefits and tax credits.