Recruitment Agencies 


Recruitment consultants are in the business of sales, not career advice! - Before you approach them, you need to be clear about what you want.


Recruitment agencies are designed to match you to a job – they will take a fee for doing so. It is illegal for them to charge you a fee to find you a job, however, the job you get will often pay you slightly less than it would if you found it yourself.


The recruitment agency is paid by the employer, so they will always prioritise the interests of the employer rather than the client, you!


Using a recruitment agency isn’t always bad, they do provide you with a full-time member of staff actively looking to find you work and recommend you. They are fantastic for getting into the world of work, but when the times comes for promotion or moving up, they probably aren’t the best option!


When sending your CV off to a potential employer, the recruitment consultant might alter your CV. This is usually a good thing as they will know what the employer wants better than you do. Make sure you insist that any changes to your CV are sent to you as well – then you have someone else producing content you can add to your own CV at a later date.



Top Tip – If you visit a recruitment agency remember you can only make a first impression once. So try and remember the 3 P’s;





Think of the first meeting with your recruitment consultant as your first practice for an interview – dress to impress, make a good impression, be charming, be enthusiastic, be you!


Get this bit right and you become the person they call rather than a name on a CV.